Early 2018  (Approx May) will see work begins on the new eastern seawall.


January 2017 will see Design concepts for replacing the existing Seawall that runs along the eastern end of the main boat ramp and reserve and will be part of a Resource Consent Process.

The present Seawall is considered questionable in condition and may not stand up to any future strong storm conditions.


Algies Bay Wastewater upgrade – Work will start 27 January 2015 and is expected to take until November 2015 to complete.

The wastewater network in Algies Bay is now over 50 years old, and due to its poor condition requires replacement in order to secure the ongoing operation of the local network. This project involves the installation of a new pipeline between the existing Algies Bay Pump Station in Alexander Road and the Cornel Circle Pump Station. New pumps will also be installed in Alexander Road Pump Station to cater for expected population growth and address odour issues.
Any questions? – If you have any specific questions about the project please contact:
Pieter de Klerk, Senior Programmes Engineer – Email: pdeklerk@water.co.nz – Phone: (09) 539 8330  www.watercare.co.nz


Very successful Bay BBQ breakfast held on the 2nd Jan, 2015 with about 350 people attending in fine weather.

Northern end seawall completed December 2014.


Work started in early July with slow progress due to the storm and very wet conditions.

Northern end sea wall:

We have been advised from Sam Scott-Kelly, Davis Coastal Services to advise that Consent has finally come thru and Wharehines will commence work on the 9th June.

Wall construction will take 16 weeks with an approx. finish date of late September.

Secondly Sam has advised that on Thursday 8th May, exploratory work leading to a temporary fix will commence on the wall below the playground that has further suffered damage threatening the overall sea wall in this area.
It appears that Council are looking for and to possibly undertake a permanent solution which could well replicate the wall in front of the Yacht Club

Defibrillator:    Lock code 030.

Algies Bay now has a Defibrillator and it is mounted on the road facing wall of the Yacht club building which is number 30 Gordon Craig Place.

Although it is easy to use with “step by step” verbal instructions when opened, St Johns will be providing initial training for a group within Algies Bay who in turn will go on to instruct others.

We trust you will support this as it can be a life saving piece of equipment for any of us.

 We would like to thank those who have made generous donations to enable the purchasing of this equipment and would welcome any further donations for the ongoing upkeep and cost for replacement batteries. Contact any of the committee or the treasurer for this.