As a permanent resident in Algies Bay I can thoroughly recommend to you to pay a visit or stay for a while in the wonderful paradise called Algies Bay.


There are countless things to occupy your leisure time, among these if you walk along the beach be sure to keep a lookout seawards because you may see Orcas rounding up stingrays to eat, schools of Kahawai, Baitfish, Kingfish right on the shoreline, flocks of sea birds and also many boats of all descriptions coming and going, this is an ever changing scene. I assure you will not ever get tired of.


For Fishing, there are two boat ramps in the bay, the main one is on Gordon Craig Place, and Alexander Place further along the beach with designated trailer parking spaces.  This is a popular area for fishing as there are quite a few charter boats based in Sandspit, only 10 minutes away.

I have been to many places both in NZ and overseas fishing, and many people regard this area as a safe boating place foremost, as any place in the world. This is an area that has many attributes such as you do not have to travel far to catch fish. Popular species are, Snapper, Kahawai, Kingfish, Trevally and John Dory, and there are many other types of fish out there but most people target these. Favourite places for many are around Beehive Island, Maori Rock, Albert Shoal, Moturekareka Island, Motuora Island, Challenger, and Flat Rock. I could go on forever but it is not difficult to catch some edible fish. Good advice is to ask the locals, they are a friendly lot. If you are into diving or have a Jet Ski or Kayak then join the many enthusiasts who collect scallops (in Season) and crayfish, or just to be out on the water is unbeatable and if you catch fish, that’s a bonus. We also have well signposted marine reserves close by. Be safe and obey the rules.

The “Navigation Safety Bylaw” comes into effect on Labour Weekend 2014 (25th Oct 2014) and aims to reduce the risk of preventable drowning by requiring people to wear life-jackets at all times on vessels 6m or less in length – Unless the skipper advises they can be removed –

Gary's fish 002


Most Kiwi fishers only want the fish fillets & dump the unwanted fish heads & frames, while there are thousands of Kiwi’s who love to eat these heads & frames.

Click on this website – and select an area closest to you and give these people a call.

Remove the guts & gills (don’t chuck away the roe) & keep the heads & frames cool.


Reduce waste & conserve fish.