To keep the Bay and beach a safe area for children and adults, we encourage everyone to be mindful when using these public spaces.
Please be careful when using vehicles on the beach (eg: no hooning).
Patience on the boat ramp, especially during the busy times.
Keep your speed under 5 knots until you have passed the yellow 5kt buoy.
No swimming around the ramp where boats are being launched.

Water skiing

Ski lanes are for ACCESS only to the offshore 200 meter mark and  skiers should not ski across or in the lane  unless going out or coming in.
Ski boats should go out on starboard and return on starboard ie the lane operates anticlockwise from the beach.
Towing boats have right of way – so boats waiting to depart should give way to a boat coming in to drop off their skier .

Access lanes for water skiing are marked by orange and black posts on shore and/or orange and black buoys.

Use these access lanes when departing or approaching the beach if your vessel is travelling at more than 5 knots.

Important water skiing rules:

  • You must observe the 5 knot speed rule at all times unless towing.

  • All ski boat drivers must be over 15 years of age.

  • Any vessel towing a water-skier must have on board an observer in addition to the driver.