Pin Weights and Rules 2015

                               ORANGE PIN                                                                               BLACK PIN
MEN             Snapper over 4.54kg (10lb)                        MEN              Hapuka over 15.9kg (35lb)
LADIES       Snapper over 3.65kg (8lb)                            LADIES        Hapuka over 9.10kg (20lb)
JUNIOR      Snapper over 3.20kg (7lb)                           JUNIOR       Hapuka over 9.10kg (20lb)
MIDGET     Snapper over 2.50kg (5lb)                           MIDGET      Hapuka over 6.85kg (15lb)

                               GREEN PIN                                                                                    YELLOW PIN
MEN            Kahawai over 2.75kg (6lb)                            MEN              Kingfish over 9.10kg (20lb)
LADIES       Kahawai over 2.30kg (5lb)                           LADIES         Kingfish over 8.20kg (18lb)
JUNIOR     Kahawai over 1.82kg (4lb)                            JUNIOR       Kingfish over 6.85kg (15lb)
MIDGET    Kahawai over 1.37kg (3lb)                            MIDGET      Kingfish over 6.40kg (14lb)

                               BLUE PIN                                                                                          GOLD PIN
MEN           Trevally over 2.75kg (6lb)                                                 All Snapper over 9.1kg (20lb)
LADIES      Trevally over 1.82kg (4lb)
JUNIOR     Trevally over 1.82kg (4lb)
MIDGET    Trevally over 1.37kg (3lb)

                                RED PIN                                                                                              GREY PIN

                    Gurnard starts at 1 kg                                                               John Dory starts at 1kg


  •    Minimum Snapper club size for weighing in 33cms.
  •   The Club no longer has Stingray pins.
  •   To qualify for a pin: The first pin will be awarded for the first fish in each species commencing at the start of each club year.
  •   To earn a 2nd pin: The weight must exceed the weight of the previous fish in each species.
  •   All other pins: Only ONE of each species per day.
  •   In addition to club pins, NZACZ offers certificate of merit as per their rule book.
  •   The pins will be awarded at the following months club day attached to the relevant weight record.