The objectives of the club are:

(a) To encourage fishing as an enjoyable and safe recreational past time.

(b) To encourage children and young persons to participate and find an interest in fishing.

(c) To encourage social mixing and exchanges of ideas between club members and other clubs.

(d) To print and publish any newsletter or leaflets that the club may think desirable for the promotion of the club.

(e) To acquire by purchase, hire or lease any land deemed by the council suitable for building Club rooms for the members of the club.

(f) To encourage people to abide by the M.A.F. regulations on the laws in regard to fishing.

(g) To encourage people on the safe use of boats and general safety on or near the water.

(h) To encourage or discourage the setting up of marine reserves.

(i) To assist in any way the recreational fishing council in keeping the rights of recreational fishing people.