TSUNAMI Evacuation procedure for Algies Bay:

Please read the important information below.

To view the Evacuation Zones in Algies Bay →CLICK THIS LINK:

Tsunami Evacuation:
Evacuate via the routes drawn on the map in the link.
Follow signed routes where present, walk quickly if possible, drive only if essential. If driving, keep going once you are well outside of all evacuation zones, to allow room for others behind you.
The first waves may not be the largest. Large waves may come after a series of small waves.
The largest waves from distant sources may take many hours to arrive.
There may be multiple waves separated by up to an hour, or more.
Stay out of evacuation zones until given the official ‘all-clear’.
Stay away from the Red Zone for 24 hours after any tsunami warning, even small waves can be dangerous
Warning may also be through siren, telephone, txt, email, loud hailer or other local arrangements.

Warning & Response:
In the case of a large earthquake (one it is hard to stand up in), unusual noises from the ocean, or changes in the ocean (e.g. the ocean rushing in or out), or you feel a weak rolling earthquake that lasts for more than a minute.
Evacuate all zones. A wave may arrive within minutes or take more than an hour to arrive.

Evacuate from the zone(s) stated in the warning and stay out until the official ‘all-clear’ is given.
The official warning source is local Civil Defence, and their warnings may come to you via NZ TV/Radio broadcasts,
mobile app alerts, email and emergency services.
You may receive warnings from only one, or several sources. Don’t wait.

Warnings from friends or other members of the public may be correct.
Consider evacuating from all zones.
Verify the warning only once evacuated or on-route if it won’t delay you (via NZ TV/Radio broadcasts, local Civil Defence, email, and emergency services).


RED = Shore Exclusion Zone
ORANGE = Evacuation Zone
YELLOW = Evacuation Zone

Natural or informal warning signs:
Evacuate all zones.

Official warning:
Evacuate zone(s) stated in warning.

Please note that the margins of evacuation areas are indicative and are not specific to property level.