New Dog Access By-law Introduced October 2015
There have been changes to the Dog Access By-laws across Rodney which affects Algies Bay. We take this opportunity to summarize the rules for Algies Bay.
From Labour day weekend to 1st March dogs are prohibited from beach areas between 10:00am and 6:30 pm, outside of these hours, off leash and under control.
From 2nd March to Friday before Labour weekend off leash and under control.
At Snells Beach (southern section) and Algies Bay an additional rule for the parks adjacent to the beaches has been applied to support public safety and comfort concerns.
Owners pick up dog droppings immediately.
Between 6.30pm and 10am, dogs are allowed off-leash in the parks at:
Algies Bay, all parks and reserves adjacent to the beach:
Algies Bay Reserve.
Alexander Recreation Reserve.
Willjames Esplanade and Recreation Reserve.
Mariner Grove Algies Bay Esplanade Reserve.
Outside of these hours dogs are to be on-leash.

Dogs are allowed under control on a leash in the following area to protect wildlife Highfield Garden Reserve: in the area fenced for donkeys.
Dogs must be on-leash when in the vicinity of any playground.
At all times, dogs are prohibited on all playground surfaces and equipment.
Roads, private ways, and council-controlled car parks and boating areas.
Dogs must be under control and on a leash on all
Formed public roads (including any street, highway, access way, service lane, and any footpath, cycle track, bus stop and berm within the boundaries of the road);
Private ways;
Council-controlled car parks; and
Council-controlled boating areas (including any wharf, jetty, boat ramp, boat marshalling area).
For the avoidance of doubt, this rule does not apply to any unformed road, or any walkway, track or road within or surrounded by a park.

It is the responsibility of dog owners to know and understand the latest rules.
Go to Auckland Council website for more comprehensive information:-