Algies Bay Street Names:

 Jemima Deerness wife of Alexander Algie, they had 2 sons & 4 daughters.

 ·       Alexander Road:   Named after Alexander Algie who was the first settler in the area. He arrived by ship via the Coromandel & Glasgow 1867. 

 ·       Will James:    Named after William James the son of Alexander.

 ·       Athol Place:   Named after Athol Algie. Brian, Evan’s & Donald’s Dad.

 ·       Albro Lane:   Named after an Algie Brothers business, Albro Holdings.

 ·       Mera Road:   Named after an Algies launch that Merv & Steve Algie built. It is an acronym of family names – daughter in Law. Mary, Elizabeth, Roose, Algie.

 ·       Deerness Cres: The surname of Alexander Algie’s wife who came from Pukekohe ex the Orkney Islands – Jimima Deerness

 ·       Gordon Craig:   Named after a doctor of physical medicine who was helpful in treatment for Edna Algie wife of Merv – grandson of Alexander

 ·       Mariners Grove, The Nook and The Glade were named by the Morrison Family who bought the land from Scade Developments.

·       Morrisons set up JEM Developments in 1970 and developed Mariners Grove.  The Nook was just that a nook off Mariners Grove and The Glade was just that, a sheltered glade off Mariners Grove.  The Mariners Grove name was inspired by the beautiful seaside landscape.

   Subdivision details:

      Subdivider:                  Street:                                                 Year of completion:

      Algie Bros.               Alexander, Gordon Craig, Deerness (part 1)         1953

      Algie Bros.               Alexander (upper part), Mera Part 1)                   1960

      Algie Bros.               Deerness (lower part)                                        1963

      Algie Bros                Mera (lower part)                                               1966

      Algie Edwards          Willjames Ave                                                    1967

      J.E.M. Developers     Mariners Grove, The Nook, The Glade                  1974