Below are some stories from members of the Algie families that date back to the beginning of Algies Bay from the early history to the development and servicing of Algies Bay.

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The beginning (By Jack Algie)

The Families (By Jack Algie)

The Pukekohe East Girl (By Evan Algie)

The family cottage and boarding house (By Jack Algie)

The Deerness family (By Jack Algie)

Servicing the Area (By Jack Algie)

The Mullet Point Post Office (By Evan Algie)

Have you ever been to Algie’s Bay (By Lina Farr, nee Algie)

A treasure from Governor Grey (By Evan Algie)

Algies Bay History by Marion Tickle (By Marion Tickle, nee Algie)

Joy Algie Memoirs (By Joy Algie)

The Gum Diggers (By jack Algie)